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蕃茄文理 tOMATO


dec 2021





designer  鄭啟宏

photography  周政毅




tOMATO tutoring class holds the business philosophy which, "With a wide space, we lead children to use, observe and operate in various ways, and at the same time, they also use interesting brainstorming and game roles to deepen children's desire to learn", hoping to provide children with an excellent learning environment. It is one of the top tutoring classes in Taiwan. 

The logo is a simple geometric figure the shape of a tomato, consisting of three circles, symbolizing that learning is accumulated bit by bit before it can blossom and bear fruit. Tomato stalk uses the symbol +, which means that in addition to adding points to learning, you can also cultivate a variety of interests; the standard word is fat and round, like a fruit, juicy and delicious, the English standard word tOMATO is in lowercase, which means the child's success after learning.

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