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Our Experience

COOL MAI DESIGN於2021年夏天創立,擁有多年豐富的品牌識別規劃、平面與圖像設計、包裝設計實戰經驗,能快速掌握市場需求,提供整合品牌設計服務。

COOL MAI DESIGN was founded in 2021, we are good at brand identity planning, graphic and image design, also packaging design. Years of experience allow us to quickly grasp the needs of customers and provide brand design services that best meet the market.

Our Service


We can provide complete design planning, from the initial brand image establishment to visual design, packaging design and long-term brand development suggestions.

Business Scope

- 視覺識別 Visual Identity

- 包裝設計 Packaging Design

- 藝術指導 Art Direction

- 插圖設計 Illustration design

- 品牌策略 brand strategy

- 品牌形象 Branding

- 命名構思 Naming idea

- 展覽規劃 Exhibition

- 活動識別 Event Identity

- 空間規劃 Space Plan

- 平面設計 graphic Design

- 印刷設計 Print Design

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