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sensera plum wine







package design


product photography


illustration | 鄭啟宏

designer | 鄭啟宏

photography | 周政毅




In Taiwan, we seek not only the deliciousness of plums but also the unique soul of our forests. We take pride in using locally grown Taiwanese plums, nurtured to perfection under the nourishing embrace of sunlight and rain, infused with the deep flavors of Taiwan. Our plum wine, a recipient of the "Outstanding Flavor and Quality Award" from iTQi, embodies the epitome of this fertile land.

Here, in Taiwan's lush woodlands, nature takes center stage in our story. The Swinhoe's Pheasant, Formosan Rock Macaque, and Formosan Sika Deer – these forest residents become occasional visitors to our plum orchards. They bring a breath of life to our orchards, a scene we capture with a Taiwanese artistic touch and gentle hues, making it the wellspring of inspiration for our plum wine.

Taste our plum wine, and you will experience the natural beauty of Taiwan, savor the unique flavor of our plums, and feel the deep love and reverence we, as Taiwanese, have for this land. Our plum wine is not just a beverage; it's a story and a way of life. Join us in savoring the rich flavors of Taiwan's woodlands in every sip, and embrace the beauty of this land.

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