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Package, Illustration, print


Designer | 賴永盛、鄭啟宏

Photography | 周政毅




Peach Blossom_Chicken Soup adheres to the insistence on handcrafted simmering by the master chef, blending precious ingredients such as fish maw, snow lotus seeds, and northern apricot kernels into the broth. This showcases the spirit of craftsmanship, transforming the hard work of simmering into a light and fashionable enjoyment. It achieves a lightweight, heat-and-eat convenience while maintaining the fresh and delicious flavor of Peach Blossom_Chicken Soup.

The design centers around the theme of peach blossoms, with large areas of white space as the base, symbolizing purity and freshness, which harmonizes with the elegance and softness of the peach blossoms. Through the use of geometric patterns, the design presents simple yet beautiful flowers. Each geometric petal is unique, coming together to evoke a warm scene of family and friends gathering to enjoy the delightful Peach Blossom_Chicken Soup.

The design employs embossing techniques to showcase the details of the peach blossoms, giving the entire gift box an elegant and refined atmosphere. The gold stamping on the flower stamens further highlights the layers and texture of the design. Overall, the design is minimalist yet intricate, using printing techniques to enhance the sense of design, providing people with a stylish feast for the eyes and taste buds.

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