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10pmtclose / Osaka


dec 2022





illustration 鄭啟宏

designer  鄭啟宏

photography  周政毅

來至德州奧斯丁10pmtclose 成立2020年受 80 年代排行榜、70 年代迪斯科和現代電子音樂的啟發,以吉他、合成器、貝司和夢幻般的電子鋼琴創造了一種午夜美學,適合在舞池和與霓虹燈照亮的後巷之間。

Osaka 是向日本和日本迪斯可&城市流行音樂致敬,但有著現代的Hip Hop旋律,設計概念以日本傳統武士,拿起10pmtclose 常使用的吉他及鍵盤,展現出音樂力量。

10pmtclose was founded in 2020, it was inspired by 80s chart toppers, 70s Disco, and modern electronic music 10pmtclose brings quintessential, syncopated grooves topped with guitar chops, synthesizer layers, on point bass, and dreamy electronic pianos.
10pm has created a Midnight aesthetic that fits between the high energy dance floor and neon lit back alleys.​​​​​​​

Osaka is a tribute to Japanese disco & urban pop, but with a modern Hip Hop melody. The design concept is based on the traditional Japanese samurai, ditching the samurai sword, picking up the guitar and keyboard often used by 10pmtclose, showing the power of music.

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Feature Project

Feature Project

Feature Project

Feature Project

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