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Burger Holic





DEC 2023






designer : 鄭啟宏、賴永盛

photography : 周政毅

「漢堡門徒 Burger Holic」追求高品質的服務和食材、致力於帶來地道美式漢堡體驗為核心理念,並強調對美味的承諾。品牌名稱「漢堡門徒」生動地表現了人們對美式漢堡的熱愛和忠誠。 設計概念以暴龍為商標,強調了漢堡的龐大分量,這與品牌的承諾相符。同時,使用美國國旗、紅、藍、白等標準色彩,突顯了品牌的美式風格,使其更具辨識度。 總之,「漢堡門徒 Burger Holic」是一個集合了熱情、品質和美式風格的品牌,它的故事和設計概念相得益彰,將美式漢堡的美味和文化帶給台灣,吸引著更多人成為「漢堡門徒」,享受豐盛的漢堡和美式風情。

"The Burger Disciples Burger Holic" strives for high-quality service and ingredients, dedicated to providing an authentic American burger experience as its core philosophy, and emphasizes a commitment to deliciousness. The brand name "Burger Disciples" vividly embodies people's love and loyalty to American burgers.

The design concept features a tyrannosaurus rex as its logo, emphasizing the burger's substantial portion, which aligns with the brand's commitment. Simultaneously, the use of the American flag, red, blue, and white standard colors, highlights the brand's American style, making it more recognizable.

In conclusion, "The Burger Disciples Burger Holic" is a brand that combines passion, quality, and American style. Its story and design concept complement each other, bringing the deliciousness and culture of American burgers to Taiwan, attracting more people to become "burger disciples" and enjoy hearty burgers and American charm.

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