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Art Director | 鄭啟宏

Designer 鄭啟宏

Illustration  鄭啟宏

Photography | 周政毅






Betterfly is located in Bangkok, Thailand, focusing on promoting the correct use, education, and sales of cannabis. The brand name "Betterfly," combining "Better" and "Fly," symbolizes freedom, joy, and better flying, representing a lifestyle attitude. At the same time, similar to the word "Butterfly," it evokes the splendid appearance and vibrant colors of a butterfly, which is also one of the important messages our brand wants to convey.

The brand uses a cat as a symbol, emphasizing the concept of flying thoughts. Although cats and humans cannot truly fly, our "flying" refers to the flight of thoughts. Therefore, this cat appears to have its brain flying upward, elongating its eyes, creating a strong visual impact and distinctive features, leaving a profound visual impression and highlighting the uniqueness of the brand.

In the realm of Betterfly, cats with unique thinking enjoy the flight of thoughts and experience happiness and relaxation. Therefore, this cat becomes the brand IP, showcasing a vibrant and creative world with its unique, humorous, and exaggerated movements in its universe. This image not only injects the brand with unique charm but also highlights the feeling of freedom and relaxation that Betterfly represents.

The brand has chosen five high-saturation colors, which showcase a colorful side of Betterfly's world and are in line with the local preference for colors in Thailand. These bright colors not only inject vitality into the brand but also make it visually prominent and appealing.

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